Welcome to CoMo Massage! 

Combined Modalities/Columbia, MO ~ Owner/Operator Alison Sower LMT

My goal is to help you feel your best both in body and mind through the application of massage therapy. 

I specialize in slow, specific, deep therapeutic massage all the while working to keep you relaxed, comfortable and pampered. I usually incorporate all of the techniques I have explained below as needed to help you find relief from injuries, discomfort and/or chronic pain. This is the “style” in which I perform most massages, I tend to have a heavy hand but will always adjust to your preference.  I do not believe deep, lasting work needs to be painful to receive. I have clients from 18 to 90yrs and can adjust to any pressure you desire. 

I use high quality essential oils for both your aromatic enjoyment as well as health benefits at no extra charge. I purchase exceptional quality oils (Pure Pro) to use during your massage and have many combinations to suit all skin types, allergy sensitivities and to avoid any drug interactions with medications you may be taking. I offer relaxing music, heated table, and warm Mother Earth Flax seed pillows to aid in your comfort. My private practice is a quiet, low lit, relaxing Spa environment.

I have a passion for massage and am constantly learning. I have met many amazing Massage Therapist here in Columbia. If you ever have an issue that I feel is out of my scope of knowledge, I will be happy to recommend a Therapist who may better serve you.

***I have had extensive training for the work that I do, and abide by all Missouri State Laws including modest draping at all times, please do not offend my professional industry by asking for an inappropriate massage or draping.

Please explore the Services Menu to select a therapeutic massage session that is tailored to your needs, lifestyle, and schedule.  Massage gift certificates are available ~ Maintain your well-being or give the gift of time, relaxation, and wellness to another. Create an Instant Gift Certificate.   

You can Contact Me for more information. Be sure to visit the FAQ page especially if it is your first visit. In 2013 I relocated downtown to the North Village Art District on Walnut St. between 10th and the Short Street garage. We are in the same building as D-Sport. We have free private parking for your convenience.

Therapeutic massage is the practice of applying pressure or vibration to the soft tissues of the body, including muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and joints. A form of therapy, massage can be applied to specific parts of the body or successively to the whole body, to aid in healing injury, relieve psychological stress, manage pain, improve circulation and relieve tension. I incorporate many modalities in each massage, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, and Trigger Point Therapy let me explain each to you. Swedish massage is the most popular type of massage in the United States and is often referred to as the relaxation massage. It uses a system of long gliding strokes, and other techniques on the outer layers of muscles to improve circulation, ease pain and tension, improve flexibility and create relaxation. Deep tissue massage releases chronic patterns* of muscular tension and is usually on a specific problem area. This massage is done with greater pressure and effects deeper layers of the muscle than a Swedish/relaxation massage. (*Chronic patterns can be caused by long periods of sitting at a computer, constant lifting, carrying large bags or any other repetitive action we do.) Trigger point therapy uses specific points of pressure then stretching to relieve the irritated, painful “knots” in a muscle. Pressure is produced using fingertips, knuckles or elbow directly on the trigger point, followed by stretching the area. 

Myofascial Release- "Fascia is a thin, tough, elastic type of connective tissue that wraps most structures within the human body, including muscle. Fascia supports and protects these structures. Osteopathic theory proposes that this soft tissue can become restricted due to psychogenic disease, overuse, trauma, infectious agents, or inactivity, often resulting in pain, muscle tension, and corresponding diminished blood flow. Although fascia and its corresponding muscle are the main targets of myofascial release, other tissue may be addressed as well, including other connective tissue." (quoted: An Osteopathic Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment (3rd ed.)) Myofascial release is an attempt to bring about changes in the myofascial structures by stretching or elongating the fascia, or mobilizing adhesive tissues. I will move slowly through the layers of the fascia until the deeper tissues are reached.

Myofascial Cupping- I am also working with a modality known as cupping, an ancient Chinese practice in which a cup is applied to the skin and the pressure in the cup is reduced by change in heat or suction (in my case the air is suctioned out) so that the skin and superficial muscle layer is drawn into and held in the cup. The cup is then moved while the suction is active, causing a regional pulling of the skin and muscle, aiding in release of tension in the area. The cups are used along with the other massage techniques during your session.

Myofascial cupping is not any less pleasant than the Therapeutic massage you are accustomed to. Unlike massage, which involves compressing the tissues, cupping uses negative pressure (vacuum) to lift the tissue. Myofascial cupping is a great addition to your massage session, it can be integrated at no extra charge. Myofascial work can/may also be done manually with just my hands and is almost always incorporated into your massage.

Ask about adding some cupping to your next massage, there is no added charge!


Many people consider massage therapy to be just about pampering, but it has important health benefits. In fact, you get the greatest benefit when massage therapy is part of your regular wellness routine.