Fully Clothed Massage

Fully Clothed Massage: An Option For Modesty

Fully clothed massage services are available at CoMo Massage. Professional draping is used for all clients but some prefer to keep clothing intact during massage sessions. If you are uncomfortable during your massage session then you will be tense, defeating the purpose of massage.

Sessions with your clothing in place may be done either on a massage table or on a specifically designed massage chair. This may be in the form of a full-body massage for relaxation or to address specific body areas or for particular pain or injury.

Massage styles utilized include modified-Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release and range of motion. Gentle or firm pressure, in combination with stretching relaxes muscles, releases blocked energy and frees the body’s own natural healing potential, thus restoring balance, health and harmony. Full body, sports, pregnancy (prenatal and post partum) and medical massage services are available with clothing in place.

Modesty, religion, family values or culture prevent many persons from submitting themselves to traditional massage with fears of exposure without clothing. Full-clothing massage services provide the security of being clothed while receiving important therapy.

Many adults are uncomfortable with touch, where the intention is neither sexual nor abusive. Consequently, the concept of touch, as in the form of massage, initiates some hesitancy and reservation. Clothing provides a safe barrier and allows these clients to relax and allow the therapist to provide the needed body work. Seated massage, administered on a specific massage chair, allows an abbreviated massage of the neck, shoulder and back, fully clothed, while sitting. Lying on the massage table allows more complete work on the back, neck, shoulders and the extremities.
Past abuse or trauma may cause some persons to feel vulnerable and bring emotional discomfort, feeling exposed even while draped. Incorporating massage techniques with emotional support (therapeutic touch) can be effective for these persons. Remaining clothed during treatment sessions can provide a safe environment and assist the client to relax and benefit from the body work. Feeling secure increases treatment effectiveness.

Treatment restrictions with clothing: The use of oil on the skin is not possible when covered with clothing. This also restricts some of the flowing Swedish strokes over clothed areas. Otherwise, comfort, pain relief and stress reduction results are equal to the traditional massage.

Guests are welcome to remain present during massage sessions, per client preference.

Your therapist understands diverse preferences and respects the values and barriers of each person. Whether you choose to receive massage on a table or a chair, your therapist will respect boundaries and provide a safe and comfortable environment for relaxation and therapeutic body work.

Request a “Clothed Massage” prior to the start of your appointment, if this is your preference. Your therapist will modify treatments to respect your comfort and provide the best therapy for you.

What Should I Wear? Loose fitting clothing is best. Short sleeves (or sleeveless) shirts provide good access to the shoulders and arms. If you are comfortable wearing shorts, massage to the legs is easier. Regardless, massage can be done with the covering you are most comfortable wearing. For questions, talk with your therapist before your session. We want you to relax and have a successful therapy session.